Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Rift Between Us - Rebecca L. Marsh

Book: The Rift Between Us
Author: Rebecca L. Marsh
Releasedate: July 2019

"After a family dinner turns into a bitter fight, sisters Maria, Lauren, and Avery decide to go their separate ways. Their father warns them that someday they will need one another. When he dies suddenly, they learn that he intends to make sure that they do. He’s left them a substantial inheritance, far more than any of them ever imagined.

There’s just one catch. If they want the money, they will have to spend two weeks together at a secluded lake house and follow all of their father’s instructions—no matter how strange.

Their task seems simple enough, but each one is holding onto painful secrets and old grudges the others know nothing about. But if they can learn to trust each other again, they might be able to mend the rift between them and give their father his dying wish."

Just a little while ago Rebecca herself approached me to read her book that is coming out in July of this year, so first of all, I feel honoured to have read this before its release, thank you for that!

I mostly read scifi and fantasy, as most of you might have noticed, so this book from Rebecca was a refreshing turn to read something different. It's a familydrama with all the feelings packed into it. At first I was a bit apprehensive, since the teaser for the book doesn't reveal much and doesn't feel like much is going to happen. But I was wrong. The story takes you through this broken family with the main characters, Maria, Lauren and Avery. I like the fact that they all have their own perspective view of what happens, so you can really see what is going on inside their heads. The story gives some real time takes on what does happen in normal life and what can happen when your family falls apart and how that feels. 

Despite the fact that the story might feel simple, the feelings it brings within shows so much more. Rebecca did do a good take on what someone might experience in their daily life and make it tangible. She even made it so that I was able to relate to all three sisters and that counts for something.

Rebecca's reading style is easy to read and paints a good picture inside your head. Through reading on I discovered I wanted to read more of it. And when I finished it, it felt complete and with a proper ending, so kudos to that. There were some things that were predictable, but I assume it came more from a sense of hope that things would happen this way. 

So, if you want an easyreader that pulls you into the story and to taste a slice of real human life, this is your book to go to. 

More information can be found on Rebecca's website or follow her on her Facebookpage

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